Santorini Resort

Maison Polanka has been a home to countless parties and gatherings. Friends, friends of friends, guests, come and meet, become friends, and the magic goes on. We have been home to poets, dancers, religious and spiritual persons, healers, yoga teachers, chamans, Nia retreats, humanists, TV producers, movie makers, writers, chefs and artists. They all come in search of the soul of the people of Cambodia which inhabits the grounds of the property and is embodied by a wholehearted team. The owners’ artists and designer friends are regular guests and have left behind a piece of their creations. Carol Cassidy, the established silk weaver based in Vientiane has her room-the Orange which is decorated with her brocade silks and pleated Cambodian scarves. From Eric Raisina, the Madagascar Siem Reap based couture designer, we inherited the sambos recipe which are our guest’s favourite. Theam early paintings and elephants lighten the rooms. Sacha Constable offered one of her lithography for the Green terrace. Christophe Loviny, the photographer who founded the Angkor Photo festival dedicated his Apsara dancers book for the Khmer House as well as the 1905 dancer’s photo poster.