Santorini Resort


The focus of your culinary experience in Maison Polanka is on the freshness of the ingredients, culled from either the garden or the local markets, which dictate the full flavours of traditional Cambodian cooking based from authentic family recipes handed down from generations. The flavours of the West is also offered with the same passion through the family’s French heritage, resulting to an interesting merging of Asian traditions and European culinary techniques.


The concept of Maison Polanka is to allow guests to enjoy breakfast at any time of the morning, lunch in the afternoon, sip a cup of Mariage Frères teas served with in a fine english tea set or drink refreshing cocktails. After wandering in town with our vintage leather-sits bicycles, come down in the magic of the night for an intimate candle lit dinner. Take time to enjoy these private and unique moments with our fine khmer cuisine. Something in the Air, something in the Earth, the specific Feng Shui of the place, the special care and kindness of our people combined with the overwhelming archaeological sites nearby will make your dining experience at Maison Polanka a unique one.