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You've taken us into a magical world, out of space and time. Where thoughts could wonder and come back and wonder again. Every single corner of your Maison is unique, special and exclusively yours. Thank you for letting us breathe your taste into every single little object you placed, thank you for letting us dive and swim in the magic atmosphere and above all thank you for having opened your house and welcome us in your home. For sure it will be in our dreams for the longest time!"


A small and intimate Luxury Hotel

Set in the sprawling grounds of a family estate and nestled in the heart of a central riverside village, Maison Polanka is made up of 5 luxury suites.

The design and style of each suite is a reflection of the owners’ life, intricately linked to Asian and Cambodian crafts for the past 20 years. Their private collection of paintings and photographs from Khmer, Asian and European artists, the Art Deco and 1950s furniture and objects sourced since 1992 have naturally found their function in the renovated Maison and Khmer House".

for a single or a couple

When travelling alone, choose the room that will suit your mood: the yellow is the happiest, the green the most spacious and the Khmer House just a treat! For a couple on honeymoon, the Khmer House is the perfect nest for fully enjoying a romantic getaway. If you are travelling as friends, the Blue Suite and the Orange Suite allow you to have your separate bedroom.
For a single or couple

for families and tribes

The Khmer House can host a family with 2 or 3 young children: 2 extra beds and a baby cot can be added. The Orange Suite and the Blue Suite are perfect for families: they have 2 separate bedrooms and a private deck or veranda. For 2/3 families or a big family, the Maison with its 4 bedrooms (Green + Blue + Yellow + Orange) is a great private space.


for large groups

Rent the whole property and celebrate friend and family time! The estate can host up to 18 people and is a perfect haven for a wedding, a special birthday reunion, or a family Christmas under the tropics.

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