Chicken sauté with ginger

Chicken Sauté with Ginger

Our Chicken Sauté with Ginger is another popular dish here at Maison Polanka. This traditional Khmer dish is lightly fried with peeled garlic, fresh ginger, and fish sauce. Its’a favourite among Cambodians and our international guests

For 4 persons.


3 chicken legs and thighs – unboned
100 g of fresh ginger
20 g of peeled garlic (take out the green stem in the middle)
40 ml of fish sauce (raw, not sweet)


Cut the chicken into approximately 1 cm bits, peel the ginger and slice it into thin sticks (1 mm x 3 cm).

Heat the oil, fry the garlic for 10 seconds and add the ginger – stir for 2 mn. Add the chicken and mix all for 2 mn at high temperature, then pour the fish sauce on top. Stir, mix and cover until cooked (5 to 10 mn). The chicken can be topped with spring onions and coriander leaves chopped. Serve with white rice.

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