Flavours of Cambodia

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The focus of your culinary experience in Maison Polanka is on the freshness of the ingredients. Our menu is centered on traditional Cambodian cooking and dishes originate from authentic family recipes. Western cuisine is also offered and executed with exactly the same passion – through the family’s French heritage and taste for Spain.

The food was uniformly delicious. How they can maintain a quality a la carte menu in such a small venue is unbelievable…



Served from 6:30 am until 10 am, breakfast is served in the Sala or in your room upon request .

We offer a choice of Continental, American and Khmer breakfasts with a delicious rice noodle soup or fried rice. We will accommodate any food preference or allergy if informed in advance.

If you want to leave early for the temples, packed breakfast can be organised.

lunch and dinner

 We offer excellent and authentic Khmer dishes and snacks as well as Spanish and French treats.  Fresh local ingredients are carefully chosen to make  mouth-watering dishes.

dining experiences

There’s something in the air in Siem Reap – the kindness and compassion of the local people as well as the overwhelming archaeological sites nearby. This, combined with the Feng Shui of Maison Polanka, makes dining here very special. Enjoy a candle lit diner al fresco by the pool or a stylish table by the Sala - a gourmet experience it is!

culinary experiences

Cooking class
Our chef Chun will provide cooking classes, including a tour of the old traditional market to shop for fresh products and recipes to choose on our menu with advises on which one can be easily done when you are back home in your country.

We selected a few remote spots near the temples where you can enjoy a take away Khmer picnic. You also have the “out of Cambodia ” option for a picnic camp , when our cook can come and prepare a delicious lunch, install hammocks and mats for a deserved siesta  after a  long morning exploring temples .

I loved the playfully lacquered elephant sculptures from the workshop of Cambodian artist Theam, and numerous other colorful décor details.


Khmer Cuisine

Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodian cuisine

Food is the essence of life in Cambodia. There is not an occasion that does not end up at the dining table. And the importance

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Try our recipes

Chicken Sauté with Ginger

Chicken sauté with ginger

Our Chicken Sauté with Ginger is another popular dish here at Maison Polanka. This traditional Khmer dish is lightly fried with peeled garlic, fresh ginger, and fish

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